I am Sarah,

I am a human being

Part Croatian

I draw when i have time.

usually i dont have time.

Obvious inspirations: Mike Mitchell and Jon Carling

I have a cat.

I like hockey.

I follow Jesus.

I dont vote for republicans.

I watch westerns.

I love tea.

I like to talk about life.

I lounge.

How do you do?


56 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Hi, my name is Benjamin
    I can’t draw
    I do paint
    I follow a divine power you call him god.
    I’m told I’m human though sometimes I doubt it 😉
    And I like your page.

  2. I LOVE your drawings! I wish I could draw like that. I admire people who can create unique characters and just doodle them up. You are very talented and don’t stop creating! Thanks for stopping by my blog as well. I only put one up because people keep asking me if I have a web site. Well, that’s too complicated and time consuming for my patience level so I did a blog. Still taking up alot of my time, but easier. Keep in touch! Again, LOVE your art!! You have a gift indeed!

  3. Thank you so much for recently stopping by my blog. I am happy to hear we both share a love for Jesus. You are so blessed to be able to draw. I can’t even draw a stick figure!:) Blessings to you in your drawing and writing!

  4. Bonjour Sarah

    Very funny blog which is enhanced by your lovely illustrations – l was particularly taken by the fat racoon.

    Need that recipe for cat pie so when tigef bob pops his paws l can enjoy him all over again (joke).

    Thanks for visiting and may your God shine his radiant love upon you.



    • Thanks – love your description suits me to a tee – a little bit of everything.

      Perhaps your Fat Racoon could join up with my gravatar and become a double act more famous than Micky and Donald.


  5. I am Flemming,

    I am a human being

    I drink and curse a lot

    I like boobs

    I love women

    I read/write blogs

    I follow wherever the days takes me

    Thanks for liking my Seremonia post!

  6. Hi Sarah, Thanks for the like on my blog. I wish I could draw or paint, but I’m a no-talent there. I’ve been to California, and I like the northern part of the state. I like hockey, but I live in the south, so we don’t exactly see a lot of it.

  7. I follow Stoke City and the Dallas Cowboys, which is probably why I am going to hell in a bucket! But unlike the Grateful Dead song, I am not enjoying the ride at present. How can I when divorce forced me to leave America and return to the miserable and cold UK, with nine years on my Permanent Resident’s Card still to run. 😦

  8. Hey Sarah!

    I’m finally getting around to saying hello & thanking you for following my blog & liking my posts. I certainly enjoy following you and like your take on the world through your eyes.

    I like hockey, play tennis, but I cycle a lot as well as take lots of pictures. I travel quite a bit because of both. I’m on Twitter & Facebook but always enjoy coffee with friends & make new ones.

    Keep up the great work. Proud to friend you on WP!


  9. Hi Sarah, Thank you very much for liking my post “http://harshagiriclickz.wordpress.com/2013/10/28/mesmerizing-or-stupid/”. It really motivates when people who pass by make effort to comment 😀
    Saw your blog, very impressed. AWESOME work!!!

  10. Thanks you very much for your visit and your interest to our blog. I do hope that you stil find it interesting in the future.

    I’ve seen your drawings and they had awaken the asleep artist I have on me. Images says better than words, but I definitely say that drawings depict a world better than words. Nice art!!!

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