some circles.

hello folks,

i dont know any of you and yet you consistently like or compliment my stuff.

now, i dont know if its for your benefit (in case i may write something nice back about your blog)

or if its for mine (you genuinely like my weird art)

either way i would love to get to know you.

tell me about yourselves.

do you have pets? what are their names? what are their quirks?

what are your quirks?

where do you live?

what do you do for work?

do you have children?

what do you like to do when you have some extra time?

what do you think you should you do when you have extra time?

what frightens you?

what makes you happy?

i dont ask for the benefit of having a bunch of people talk to me. i am interested in knowing more about you! whoever you are!



some circles.

17 thoughts on “some circles.

  1. I love dark chocolate, I paint and make stuff and I have a very naughty dog called Ruby. I teach art to disengaged youth and people with intellectual disabilities and yes, I do love your stuff!

  2. Love chocolate, beer, birds, photography, music, movies, writing, reading, breathing, water, Springtime, Halloween, learning about other cultures, meditation, cheese, chocolate-yeah enough to put it twice. It is very kind of you to ask. I often ask questions on my blog but have had slow to no response. Sometimes I wonder if I’m off putting. But then I think people are busy. I love your blog and am sorry sometimes it takes awhile to get to my weekly updates. I make jewelry, blog, am working on finishing my novel, make pottery, draw and paint, love to bake, love my family and can’t wait to move back to Costa Rica! Oh my I fear I may have been too wordy. Well, now you know. :))

  3. My name is Mark
    I live like a vagabond, and London is my birthplace
    I am part German, part English, part earthling
    Listening to music is what I love (currently listening to Ólafur Arnalds)
    Photography and cycling are my hobbies
    Being more connected to other earthlings and nature is my aim

  4. ok since you ask so nicely no not applicable not applicable grumpiness and dislike of empty conversation in a large conurbation in the middle of England discuss death and hope and balance the chance of longer life against the cost of harm yes four of mine and two more observe and draw and listen walk the world and watch the speedy passage of empty unremembered days reading to my children and when a painting works

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