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I’ve been a little stressed out so I’ve been driving out here a lot.


Aptos, CA

11 thoughts on “Aptos, CA

  1. Hi thehumansarah!

    Thanks for recently finding and liking my site. Your site look s really interesting. I’m sort of a beachnik too, so look forward to more of your stuff!

  2. Hey Wonder Woman. Next time you go to the beach try this:

    Dig a shallow hole hole in the sand the general length of your body minus the head. For the head portion, build up some sand as a kind of a pillow. Then (make sure you’re in your swimsuit preferably) lay down in the trench and either have a friend – or you can do yourself – bury you under several inches of sand, as much sand as you can stand on top of you without feeling uncomfortable or short of breath.

    Stay there under that heavy lovely sand for as long as you feel like it. Generally twenty minutes to half an hour does the trick. When you’re done, you can start moving and wriggling your way out of the sand.

    And then… See how you feel afterwards!

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